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    Nov 16 2008, 17:59 di SINisterRex

    CD Review: Mark Sinnis – Into an Unhidden Future

    Taken at face value, ‘Into an Unhidden Future’ is an unquestionably fine country album offering from Mark Sinnis - a veteran of the New York music scene. Setting it apart from other generic western albums, however, is the gorgeous, gothic undertones that plague each of the album’s nineteen songs - something not done so well since Johnny Cash’s ‘American Recordings’ series. Sinnis’ enigmatic vocal incorporates the gritty hostility of Cash as well as the refined power of REM’s Michael Stipe culminating in an album of integrity and depth.

    Years of endeavour have rewarded Sinnis with an enviable talent for producing lyrics of resonance and ferocity. He writes with an inspiring sense of confidence on this record and messages of significance can be found in each of the wonderfully-arranged compositions. In ‘Waiting for the Train’ he shares feelings of despair and his desperate longing to be saved (Nightime, and I’m waiting for your call / I don’t care about the future…