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  • Gosh I wish there was more music like his brooding Italo sound meets Tangerine Dream. My searches have mostly been unsuccessful.
  • Yeah, his albums are near impossible to track down on the second hand market. No idea why he hasn't made his music available on bandcamp or something. Probably a rights issue?
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  • Assassin blew me away.
  • His albums fetch a small fortune online. Why doesn't he start selling his albums on iTunes? I would buy the lot!
  • ha , since 20 years i was in a search for a song. yesterday i found it when listening to random youtube songs. oh i am happy. thx. ah the song i searched for was LEGION. puh there is happening sometimes good this days....
  • Crashhead, Legion and Assassin are my fave albums..not keen on the new stuff he does nowadays. Wish he would go back to making albums like these! Saw him a few times live in the 80s and word...brilliant!
  • Crashhead and Legion for storming sounds. At his best on this albums. Uplifting crossover power music with a dark edge that appeals to metal heads, goths and cyberpunks all at the same time. Hellraiser, Darkness comes, Storm Column (his hit track) etc. Andy Pickford then took over the gauntlet for power synth tracks in the 90's.
  • Saw this guy in concert in Sheffield in the 80's, same bill as Neuronium. He was wonderful and played a storming version of assassin. On the records I've heard, which isn't all of them, he's never lived up to this promise; assassin in particular sounds lifeless and tired. But I still think there's a potentially great track to be made out of this - but by whom?

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