• Golden Heart Review

    Mar 7 2011, 10:21 di Dill863

    Golden Heart was released in 1996 and was Mark Knopfler's way of walking away from the stadium days of Dire Straits. Which really on the personnel side didn't mean that much - dire straits by that point had dwindled to Alan Clark, Guy Fletcher, John Illsley and Mark, John and Alan stayed behind, but Mark took Guy to Nashville to record this album. He found some great sidemen there, Richard Bennett, Glenn Worf, Jim Cox and the best drummer to work with Mark since Pick Withers, Chad Cromwell(this guy is amazing.)

    The songwriting on this album is not as big as a departure from the songwriting on On Every Street, as say from Making Movies to Love Over Gold, but there's certainly a little more of maturity present here. I think it's unfair when people say Mark Knopfler changed his style of music when he went solo, because this has been apparent all through his career, all the straits album apart from the first two are all very different in styles.

  • The Tournament of Tunes 2010 - Chapter 1 (64)

    Feb 19 2010, 13:37 di JoeIsListening

    Masochist that I am, here I go for the third year in a row with my answer to March Madness - namely Music Madness. Sixty-four songs randomly chosen by my iTunes, the only stipulation being that participants from previous years have been excluded.

    This year's crop is interesting. There are no less than three long medleys here. There's not as much over-representation of artists this year; Ben Folds gets three - one with and two without the Five; and Sufjan Stevens and Smashing Pumpkins each score two entries (which is strange because I only have two Pumpkins albums). As in years previous, there's a great spread of material, from pop to prog to jazz to novelty. Jandek even rears his head once more. Seems like he's had an entry every year.

    One changeup from last year. My difficulty rating symbol has been changed from the reliable asterisk to the plus sign - the scale being one plus (I could judge this one without listening to either song but I did anyway just to be fair) to five pluses (why…
  • Listening Through All Of My Albums: #260 Golden Heart (Mark Knopfler)

    Nov 11 2008, 18:55 di andyfest


    Golden Heart by Mark Knopfler

    I've always been a sucker for Mark Knopfler's voice even if he songs are cheesy sometimes. Golden Heart does not represent a departure from Knopfler's cheesiness. It's really held together by a couple of really good songs, Darling Pretty, Golden Heart, Done with Bonaparte, and Are We in Trouble Now. Really, if he'd been willing to trim off three or four songs, this could have been a decent album. Instead it's a mediocre one with a few highlights.
  • Bandit's easy listening

    Nov 16 2006, 10:25 di bandit_bilba

    I'm kind of sick of writing journals about the crappy music I hate, so I decided to write one about the stuff I like for once.

    This entry is all about the stuff I listen to when I am tired or trying to get to sleep. I'll write about some, and not about others. In no particular order...

    1. Mark Knopfler
    I have been listening to him for years and years. My Dad is a die-hard Knopfler/Dire Straits fan, so he was always listening to them. Golden Heart was the household "eating music" for some time, back when I was about 10 or so (I am 19 now). I recently rediscovered it and still know a lot of the lyrics despite not listening to it for years.
    I worked as a DJ for a while and one of the songs I played right at the start of certain events such as wedding receptions, birthdays and other functions where I'd have to play stuff while people sat eating was Sailing to Philadelphia off the album of the same name.
    But the first album that made me want to start listening (again) to these ones, was Shangri-La. …