• Marillion @ Bristol, June 2005

    Gen 12 2008, 23:24 di queeniefox

    Ok so you already know about my H ranting. You were all around when I had the little meltdown last month but also for my fangirling. It was all a bit complicated, me and him. But that's because I am basically a bit of an idiot sometimes. But when the meltdown turned into a rather more personal and wide ranging existential crisis (which none of you ever heard about because the rollercoaster rides my brain can go on scare me) it ended up being music that stopped me going off the deep end. So let this post be the drawing of a line under any Marillion related wibbling I may have done in the past, because really I only got in such a state because I thought I was losing something I loved a lot. I was really quite stupid about some things, let's leave it at that.

    I didn't want to write all that in what is supposed to be one of my happy squeeful Event updates, but it has to be said before the rest was. We now return you to your scheduled fangirling.