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I Marduk nascono in Svezia, grazie allo storico chitarrista della band Morgan. Nel 1992 pubblicano il primo album "Dark Endless", seguito da "Those of the Unlight" (1993) ma è con "Opus Nocturne" (1994) che si rendono noti alla critica e sfornano il loro album più completo. Dopo "Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered" (1996) , molto importante per la loro carriera risulta essere "Nightwing" (1998): questo disco presenta classiche sfuriate black violentissime in puro stile black metal con i tipici… ulteriori informazioni

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  • temno-tepop are you ok?
  • tepop made me cry
  • v: Source?
  • btw. new album confirmed
  • cool story bro [2]
  • nobody cares tepop if u don't like it anymore be quiet thanks bye
  • I think their first four albums are their best, but Frontschwein delivered too!
  • ))))
  • cool story bro
  • Part2: And I catch their point. After some time in this, when I saw another metalhead I actually labeled him a "jack-ass" and made fun of him, rather then considering him a worthy person to become buddies and drinking companions. It's a bold statement but the metal genre started.. and ended as well - with BLACK SABBATH. What's the point of "dressing-up" if you're not an artist performing on-stage? And there's actually a small group of METAL-bands, with lyrics that depict life-issues and point out social problems, that are actually worth anything (such as thrash bands like Megadeth, Voivod or Xentrix) but it's still ThRASH anyway. "Fist-Fucking God's Planet" a title like that..who's attention it would draw? Only a total retard. Despite being an atheist i prefer Catholics over long-haired lefties with no moral values. You guys really think you are scary, hardcore SATANIC bad-asses but you're actually being mocked and laughed-at by the society in a similar way to the LGBT communities

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