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I Mannhai sono un gruppo di Stoner Rock / Metal Finlandese, nato ad Helsinki nel 1999 dalle mani del bassista Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laine e dal chitarrista Ilkka "Ile" Laaksomaa a cui poco dopo si aggiunsero il giovane batterista Mikko "Junior" Pietinen e nel 2000 il cantante Jani "Joãnitor" Muurinen. Nel 2005, dopo che Jani "Joãnitor" Muurinen ha lasciato il gruppo, verrà chiamato l'attuale cantante degli Ajattara e degli Shape…

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  • Yeap, the First one is pretty badass. The second is also great.
  • Good Pentagram cover.
  • They rocked when Jani Muurinen was on the vocals, now they're just good. First album is some heavy stoner beauty !
  • Parasta Suomi stoneria IKINÄ
  • Ikävähän tätä on... Ei nykyisin enää osata, perkele.
  • One of the greatest stoner bands EVER. Ooooooonly for the sake of looooooooooooosing!
  • Wow! Heavy Stoner Rock Group wants YOU to join. Have a look.
  • Mannhai is such a great band but they themselves seem to be totally oblivious of that fact. Do some shows, make another record and just ignore all the whiners.
  • great show on ragnarock-open air!!! please come again =;-) snotty greetz, BASTARDO marburg/germany
  • It would be about time this band activated again. I think they've only done about 4-5 gigs in the last year.

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