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They are an American indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2005. The group is currently composed of rhythm guitarist-singer-songwriter Andy Hull, lead guitarist Robert McDowell, keyboardist and percussionist Chris Freeman, bassist Jonathan Corley, and drummer Tim Very.

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  • One of the most underrated bands..ever <3
  • Would anyone be interested in buying my copy of "Let My Pride Be What's Left Behind"?
  • Hope is an incredible album. Acoustic Manchester Orchestra is best Manchester Orchestra.
  • Когда ж ты, Энди, так голос посадил?
  • It's amazing how wrong p4k was about these guys. They should probably just quietly delete those first 2 reviews and act like it didn't happen. Fucking idiots.
  • It's been 5 years, but seeing these guys live is still one of my most treasured memories.
  • So I just revisited Cope after months of not listening to it. Album blew me away. It is hard to believe that an album could go from being just good to amazing after months of not listening to it. I guess that just shows the genius that these guys have to offer.
  • God damn, orangemango27, there might be something to that.
  • these bloody yanks in't manc at all, cheeky buggers lyin to me

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