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  • Burn My Eyes: Fantastic! The More Things Change: Great! The Burning Red: Good! Supercharger: Terrible! Through The Ashes of Empire: Fantastic! The Blackening: Fantastic Unto The locust: Medium! Bloodstone and Diamonds: Medium! i dont like these two last albuns! :(
  • Decent band, not a favorite, but some good songs, indeed.
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Suffer unto the locuuuuuuust
  • Just because I'm in that kind of mood.... Burn My Eyes > The Blackening > TTAOE > The More Things Change > The Burning Red > Unto the Locust > Supercharger > Bloodstone & Diamonds
  • @ cyclonnl kill urself
  • Nie rozumiem tego czepiania się o chórki i skrzypki :S Moim zdaniem to ciekawe posunięcie ze strony Robba Flynna i spółki. Widać, że zespół rozwija się i otwiera na nowe brzmienia.
  • "Burn My Eyes and The Blackening > All" Agreed! But I'd like to add The More Things Change... to that. That album's underrated as fuck!
  • Somebody give me call when they drop the choirs and violins shit, these last 2 albums suck.
  • Burn My Eyes and The Blackening > All
  • melhor que metallica aceita e chora
  • Last two albums > All
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • I used to love The Blackening back in the day, but these days I can hardly stand the clean singing on it. It (that singing) just feels so dated today, like mid 00's melodic metal/metalcore style. I just can't stand it these days... Burn My Eyes still kicks my ass every time I listen to it, though.
  • Eles são o que metallica deveria ser.
  • Be Still and Know!
  • Dnlphnv, аналогично ссу на тех, кто слушает раммштайн и смотрит аниме. то есть на тебя
  • Dnlphnv, поздно я тебя уже обоссал
  • Приглашаю в критику и аналитику рок-песен В группе много полезного.
  • new album 9/10
  • Oh, The Blackening, such a great album.
  • Ссу на тех, кто это слушает и уважает.
  • prog > thrash
  • I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • Posers.
  • Big Fan Here
  • The blackening = top ten albums of all time
  • New album = boring as fuck.
  • Vai tomar no cu que banda foda do caralho
  • Just Great
  • new album = masterpiece. [2] Gigan-lemon = Cocksucker [2]
  • Gigan-lemon = Cocksucker
  • new album = bullshit.
  • @Wacke666: Oh man, thank you very much for sharing them! I'm listening to Mindfield right now, it's totally rad and really underrated stuff. This kind of groove metal is priceless.
  • my gruop
  • This band is so fucking amazing !!
  • В критике рок-песен группу очень любит админ
  • thrashy enough
  • Saw them a few nights ago. They are a great live band. Even the nu-metal songs sounded good.
  • I wish they would re-work "From This Day" and make it sound more metal without the nu-metal/rap parts, it still has a killer chorus, maybe they do re-work it live, I haven't seen them live since "The Blackening" came out.
  • witch hunt
  • ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • Guys, you need to lower your expectations for new albums. Just because a band made something as good as "The Blackening" or "Burn My Eyes" doesn't mean they do it over and over again. Keep experimenting, keep trying different things, keep progressing.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Machine Head
  • SlayerdestroyeR, +10000000 In particular, "Sail into the Black" is one of my favs on B&D. Really, it sounds awesome.


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