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  • Avatar di S1D1991
    Greetings from Ukraine)
  • Avatar di elita_blya
    ALARM!!!ALARM!!! Russians are coming! Read and listen carefully! Still think U are cool? No, if U didn't listen this gorgeous EP! No more boring music styles! There is no limits for this crazy RUSSIAN bastards! They will really explode your mind! So, if U are not like other sad people , just listen them and tell your friend about G.G. Nonsense! Like it or not U gonna love this guys!
  • Avatar di RedjMusic
    <3 these guys for many yrs
  • Avatar di diamond_tough
    Did you feel my heart pump when you jumped the speedbump? Cotdamn dudes, I'm getting back into this shit, Ultra Panic was maaaaad decent.
  • Avatar di elita_blya
    Hello! good skacore from Russia! download link
  • Avatar di HEHY
    I0O, no prob bro, i voted dat phukkn old'n'cool pictur
  • Avatar di I0O
    I0O - vote for tha old pic
  • Avatar di henstuhmahn23
    cant wait to see them in vegas
  • Avatar di futantsr4life
    MU330 reunion show St. Louis MO Firebird new years eve go to it
  • Avatar di gotsubverted Third Wave Classics getting pressed on VINYL!!!!!
  • Avatar di HC_Adam
    You guys were awesome at the AMR 15 fest!!! Made me feel like I was 16 again.
  • Avatar di Jamesismynamo
    'Ultra Panic' is fantastic
  • Avatar di exileonpluto
    I miss you fucking guys!!!
  • Avatar di arilitt
    MU330's best album: Chumps on Parade
  • Avatar di ZerausDiaz
    wow!!!!! -----> :D
  • Avatar di samticklebutt
    kkk awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Avatar di Elementree1
    PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!! If you like MU330 and Rock/Reggae/Dancehall/Ska with a concious message please check out our music. We are a fresh new band out of Cincinnati Ohio, genre bending music and a message that must be heard. Our last fm page is: Our myspace page is: Feel our music
  • Avatar di F4B1U
  • Avatar di Millers
    "WHYTOKIO" Just have a look at this great Band. They have skanking Beats in [track artist=Whytokio]Rude Boys Rockin'[/track] and chilling Songs like [track artist=Whytokio]Jack the Dude[/track] or [track artist=Whytokio]Soapbubble[/track] But don't forget to party with all the other Songs!! [track artist=Whytokio]Engines Start[/track]
  • Avatar di pricey123
    listening to the xmas cd again. i got this neighbor is a cool track
  • Avatar di VelcroFace
    If anyone wants their Christmas songs to play this Christmas, just ask me.
  • Avatar di WhoisLilo
    Dan Potthast is awesome;
  • Avatar di bsure13
    easily one of my favorite bands for last 13 years
  • Avatar di VelcroFace
    I got their christmas CD when I ordered 12 CDs from Asian Man Records super ska deal, 12 CDs for only $25. Anyway, it's awesome and I'll be playing it every christmas.
  • Avatar di gomezeroles
    grrrrrrrrr mu330 es la onda yeahh buen ska-punk
  • Avatar di hurlis
    tune me out!!!
  • Avatar di submariner416
    turn me on... MOAR!!! :)
  • Avatar di seejay23
    i certainly felt my heart pump when i listened to your music
  • Avatar di Baylocqkd
    Oh my god! i love this!
  • Avatar di Rowley87
    Baby Rats! it should be higher, dammit!
  • Avatar di pricey123
    ultra panic is skanktastic!
  • Avatar di RevyFan
    They´re awesome, one of the best ska-bands I´ve heard. ^_^
  • Avatar di themainbrain
    ba da boom, ba da bing and then you're bouncing on my thing
  • Avatar di Rowley87
    I'm pretty surprised to be top listener this week. They're even top of my weekly charts, I diddn't think i listened to them that much. Fun band though.
  • Avatar di matriot
    they did adopt a highway in saint louis a few years back, and some people were mad and a guy even stole the sign at one point. legally, the couldn't stop the KKK from adopting a highway, but then they never actually cleaned their highway so they lost it. everyone wins! yaay
  • Avatar di xmeaningsx
    Did you know that the KKK adopted a highway?
  • Avatar di RodeoJones7
    Time to bust out Winter Wonderland!
  • Avatar di SkankinIndyJew
    yes so goood, i neeed more music can any 1 hook me up? ill give u any of mine pleaseeeeeeee
  • Avatar di locotec
    This is, the best band, ever.
  • Avatar di jsldub
    Things have never been the same since the short-long's been gone.
  • Avatar di Ratatui
    Chumps on Parade - the best!
  • Avatar di kPieface
    just amazing. now all i need is some money and buy me some of these albums
  • Avatar di happybivouac
    Oh, right, I forgot about the first guy.
  • Avatar di photorocker
    fried chicken fried fried chicken chicken fried fried!
  • Avatar di zombiesoda
    john SKAvanaugh sang most of the songs on press. jason nelson sang about half of the stuff on chumps on parade. dan potthast sang for probably the rest of their songs after.
  • Avatar di happybivouac
    Wasn't their original singer's name Jason?
  • Avatar di swaggersailor
    John, they original singer, was my camp counselor.
  • Avatar di sidekicksuicide
    what's everybody's favorite mu330 album?
  • Avatar di happybivouac
    she can't stand tests on baby rats

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