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M83 è un gruppo di musica elettronica composto da Nicolas Fromageau e Anthony Gonzalez, formatosi a Antibes, Francia, nel 2001. Nel 2004 Fromageau ha abbandonato la band, lasciando Gonzalez come unico membro, al quale si sono affiancati il fratello Yann Gonzalez, la cantante e tastierista Morgan Kibby e il batterista Loïc Maurin. Il nome del gruppo si deve alla galassia spirale Messier 83.

Il loro stile musicale si può dire sia caratterizzato dallo per il largo uso di effetti… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di DPF
    @Drapiii If this is the sound of the new tomorrow, then are they entering a world with Daft Punk? They opened up their Homework album with "the sound of tomorrow, the music of today"
  • Avatar di Zeppelin-86
    Ребята, вы просто охуенны, французская электронная музыка - лучшая! Слушаю альбом на репите уже десятый раз.
  • Avatar di Tahula
    "too optimistic" Has this been a genuine problem? [2]
  • Avatar di Drapiii
    Junk most certainly won't overcome Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, but hey, it's the sound of the new tomorrow! Seriously, I like this album. Cheers! :)
  • Avatar di XDRory
    "too optimistic" Has this been a genuine problem?
  • Avatar di Walenta
    Heavy Pop Review:
  • Avatar di GreyDadel
    I do not like the way M83 is going. Before the Dawn Heals Us and Saturdays=Youth were great albums, Hurry Up.. and Junk is too poppy and cheesy and too optimistic
  • Avatar di jet88
    Didn't like Junk at first, but it's growing on me a ton. It's not his typical stuff, but this feels like it came from a different part of his heart. Definitely some more solemn and emotional stuff than he's done before!
  • Avatar di skydude13579
    I'm even starting to like the cover art. It totally captures some of the weird, cartoonish vibes in the music. At first I thought, what are McDonald's mascots and a Big Mac doing on an M83 album?
  • Avatar di HectorTB
    I am IN LOVE with JUNK. Its melodies, its lyrics, its sounds. To me, its the ALBUM OF THE YEAR. <3 Congrats on the band!

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