• Ambiofusion Electronica Blog #2: Electronic singles

    Gen 12 2008, 18:52 di northcape

    Hi- It's been a while, but I thought it was time for another blog entry for the ambiofusion group (note it's entirely my own personal opinion!). Rather than writing too many words this time (maybe), I'll focus on the music. The following are 14 tracks I've discovered since joining last.fm- firstly that can be defined primarily as across a range of sub-genres (OK, with maybe a couple of exceptions ;-)) and secondly (and more importantly) that I believe to be exceptional. Rather than struggle with a longer list, I've left out a huge number of brilliant tracks by both signed and unsigned artists, and I'm sure I've left out tracks deserving to be on here... Nevertheless, the tracks listed here never fail to mean something to me when I listen- the most important criterion for inclusion. Unfortunately many of these are not available on last.fm, but if you have a chance, try to get hold of the ones that aren't. These are tracks that stand alone…