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I Luca Turilli's Rhapsody sono un gruppo symphonic power metal italiano, formatosi nel 2011 per iniziativa del chitarrista Luca Turilli, dopo la sua separazione dai Rhapsody of Fire.

La band nacque nell'agosto 2011, quando il chitarrista Luca Turilli e il tastierista Alessandro Staropoli decisero di separarsi e di dare vita a due band diverse, lasciando (per motivi legali) i Rhapsody of Fire al secondo. Turilli invece tornò ad usare…

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  • sadly both Rhapsodys are dead to me :( Luca definitely went all overproduced and over-the-top and the new songs are impossible to digest... I really wanted to like this album, but I can't, even though I'm a fan and still love every classic Rhapsody album. And without Luca, Staropoli of Fire is now just bland and boring. Seems Luca was the one with the talent but he fucked it all up with the last album. I feel really sad about this band, seems they never gonna make it again, RIP... :(
  • new album is OK
  • I do like this new album, but Luca has done better albums than Prometheus. I do wish that the guitars would take more place with awesome (heavy) riffs etc. I've started to appreciate Rhapsody of Fire's Dark Wings of Steel more because of the guitars in that album.
  • I like how when Luca left Rhapsody of Fire he took all the talent with him.
  • Awesome new album, for now beats Nightwish's Endless Forms Most Beautiful for my fav album for 2015. Luca is awesome composer. Anahata - 4th(heart) chakra One Ring to Rule Them All - Lord of the rings Yggdrasil - Holy wood norse mythology angels, gods and many more interesting messages
  • So could I get only the orchestrations without the singing of the dude. Without him this would have been perfect.
  • I hope Rhapsody of Fire's new album coming out supposedly in the fall ends being way better than this turd. I mean it's ok. But not even close to being spectacular.
  • the lyrics of Prometheus are too stupid...
  • What an amazing album 'Prometheus - Sypmhonia Ignis Divinus" <3 I do not like intro xD But the rest of the songs: beautiful <3 Great work guys Luca Turilli's Rhapsody <3 They will be have from me always support :-) <3
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