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  • sadly both Rhapsodys are dead to me :( Luca definitely went all overproduced and over-the-top and the new songs are impossible to digest... I really wanted to like this album, but I can't, even though I'm a fan and still love every classic Rhapsody album. And without Luca, Staropoli of Fire is now just bland and boring. Seems Luca was the one with the talent but he fucked it all up with the last album. I feel really sad about this band, seems they never gonna make it again, RIP... :(
  • new album is OK
  • I do like this new album, but Luca has done better albums than Prometheus. I do wish that the guitars would take more place with awesome (heavy) riffs etc. I've started to appreciate Rhapsody of Fire's Dark Wings of Steel more because of the guitars in that album.
  • I like how when Luca left Rhapsody of Fire he took all the talent with him.
  • Awesome new album, for now beats Nightwish's Endless Forms Most Beautiful for my fav album for 2015. Luca is awesome composer. Anahata - 4th(heart) chakra One Ring to Rule Them All - Lord of the rings Yggdrasil - Holy wood norse mythology angels, gods and many more interesting messages
  • So could I get only the orchestrations without the singing of the dude. Without him this would have been perfect.
  • I hope Rhapsody of Fire's new album coming out supposedly in the fall ends being way better than this turd. I mean it's ok. But not even close to being spectacular.
  • the lyrics of Prometheus are too stupid...
  • What an amazing album 'Prometheus - Sypmhonia Ignis Divinus" <3 I do not like intro xD But the rest of the songs: beautiful <3 Great work guys Luca Turilli's Rhapsody <3 They will be have from me always support :-) <3
  • Please vote!
  • Notturno is the only track I would pass on. I really dig Il Cigno Nero, Il Tempo Degli Dei and the title track.
  • Prometheus Atmosphere <3
  • I'm a bit disappointed :( maybe two or three decent song (plus single Rosenkreuz - the best)... It's hard for me to listen this album from start to end :(
  • This album has so much shit going on its gonna take me 10 listens before I can even form an opinion on it.
  • Footage of the band writing the lyrics for Prometheus:
  • Prometheus has some damn fine melodies, but those lyrics...
  • Bout time a Power Metal band came out with a track called "One Ring to Rule Them All" Also glad to see that one of the songs is named after a Zerg Overlord, though I always pictured Luca as more of a Protoss player myself.
  • Nooo, June 19th, I can't wait that long!
  • I'm really anxious for the next record!!! :D (2)
  • the more cinematic and over the top the better
  • I'm really anxious for the next record!!! :D
  • I'm afraid that new album will be too cinematic, too symphonic and too over the top and it sadly will be unlistenable :( more metal and power and less cinema plz
  • I think they just keep getting better with each new name change.
  • Does anyone know when the next album is likely to be due? The trailer was released last year and sounded incredible. Need more Luca!
  • Hello Guys !! This is my band Eternus (Symphonic Metal from Chile with Male Opera Singer) Enjoy !! Help us please :( |m| This is our song "Nemesis of the Gods" // You can Free Download our album and more Info in =
  • I don't find this as good as the old Rhapsody.
  • Luna - Soup! Other - OTT!
  • Luna - Shit! Other - Great!
  • btw... did you know Alessandro Conti is a tattoo artist and also a gifted digital artist? dude's multi-talented it's almost scary. just check his facebook page
  • Hopefully not. The trailer's promising anyway (for some reason, makes me think a lot of Two Steps from Hell), 'cept for dat annoyment of a tacky narrator, of course.
  • Looks like the next album will be every bit as over the top as the last one.
  • Symphonia Ignis Divinus... - just can't wait .__.
  • "PROMETHEUS, Symphonia Ignis Divinus" will be the name of the new album next year 2014 :-)
  • To everybody who misses the song "Fantasia Gotica". It will be released on the next Luca Turilli's Rhapsody album in 2014.
  • v Amen to that!
  • In Luca we trust.
  • Maybe I'm just some utopian freak living in his fantasies, but I'd love to hear some ambient work (or anything minimal) by Luca someday. Is this something I can even hold a tiny hope about? I mean, the last album was so over-the-top it gets ridiculous at times. I know Luca can do much better, and his early experiments with electronic music were rather successful (just give a spin to Prophet of the Last Eclipse if you know what I mean).
  • this album is amazing!!
  • I like the album. There are parts in it which are VERY good. Of course there are also parts in i donn't like that much. But thanks Luca for this GREAT album.
  • What about Fantasia Gotica? Seems everyone forgot about it, yet I have an unpleasant feeling of being scammed here, if the song actually exists. Free download in September 2012, huh? ¬_¬ [3] Come on Luca, at least give us some news! :3
  • Luca Turilli's Rhapsody is great...but I liked Luca Turilli's Dreamquest better.
  • I still can't get over the bass mastery on this album.
  • What about Fantasia Gotica? Seems everyone forgot about it, yet I have an unpleasant feeling of being scammed here, if the song actually exists. Free download in September 2012, huh? ¬_¬
  • Next album will be released June/July of next year.
  • -of michael the archangel and lucifers fall- ever (*´ω`*)
  • I like my power metal how I like my burgers; cheesy and full of meat. This album is a very tasty burger.
  • Yes, it's as pompous and pompous can get, once again, so that is become pretty bad. A usual case in Turilli's music in the recent years. But damn can Alle Conti sing! Imagine if you and your band had a singer like that on your disposal!
  • I do believe that the almighty Mr. Joey DeMaio is right person who could give Luca a nice single knock up his ass and make him make good music again.
  • I think it's very good. Too much trying to impress at times indeed but still one of the best albums of the year :P
  • Its over the cheese. So epic it's a fail, or the other way round.


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