• My most remarkable albums of 2009

    Dic 29 2009, 19:21 di hdsander

    It's December now (actually end of December while I'm finishing this text), the traditional time on Last.fm to do a retrospect and write about the best albums of the year, a difficult task to me because there are too many titles that come into my mind, mostly released during the 2nd half of the year (my memory is like strawberry ice in the desert sun). It's no help to look at the charts, my listening habits are too chaotic and Last.fm's database too unsystematic to find all my favorite albums on top of the album charts. 2009 is the year of EP's, I feel like never have been more of them released than during the last 11 months. Dozens of outstanding mini-albums fill up my library but I'll concentrate on full-length releases here.

    Don't be disappointed if your favorites aren't mentioned here, I gathered just those albums that cross my mind when I look back on 2009. You may have a more reliable memory, a better taste in music, or I just missed your recommendations.