• Lotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective review

    Mar 25 2009, 0:14 di TheWalkmen

    Solo albums from guitarists rarely seem to pan out these days for some reason. While such efforts often end up being displays of self-indulgence, that isn’t the case with the solo debut from Lockett pundt of Deerhunter, as Lotus Plaza. With a strong influence, The Floodlight Collective is full of lush, reverb-laden landscapes. There are so many layers of guitars, as well as less-conventional instrumentation here, that you should continue to notice new things after many listens. However, there isn’t much here in the way of lyrics to decipher. The vocals are mostly indistinguishable behind all that reverb, but it doesn't seem to matter, as they appear to be more there for the creation of melody than anything.

    While this is very much an album about creating a specific intertwined sound, many of these songs are still driven by weaving basslines and pounding drums, both of which seem to give the songs a sense of direction. However, with this being such a dense sounding record…