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I Lostprophets sono un gruppo alternative rock gallese.

Si sono formati nella città di Pontypridd (vicino Cardiff) nel 1997, in seguito allo scioglimento dei Public Disturbance, che vedevano Ian Watkins alla batteria e Mike Lewis alla chitarra. Successivamente si sono uniti alla band Mike Chiplin (che sarebbe poi passato alla batteria) ed il chitarrista Lee Gaze.

Dopo aver suonato in giro per pub e locali, la band arriva ad…

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  • @ourworld-isgrey: While I agree entirely with your post, I wouldn't call him a f***** or tell someone to kill himself. I know his opinion is wrong, just look at my avatar. Some people will think I'm sick for having his mugshot as my avatar, but for me its the final nail in the coffin of this band, just like Jesus Walks was their final single. Let's all be fans of the band and their music, what Ian did was his own choice and he has to deal with it for the rest of his life. Sure its absolutely disgusting but at least he is facing the charges and will send the next 30 years in jail.
  • "Moralfag." You're an idiot if you're defending a guy that attempted to fuck a baby. I can still enjoy their songs, sure... It's about separating the art from the artist (you have to do that with the lady in my photo, so I know all about that). That's fine, but to defend pedophilia? You're retarded. No other way to put it. Also, yes, you can hear pop rock like Lostprophets anywhere else. A song like Rooftops could've been done by Boys Like Girls, We the Kings, All American Rejects, Plain White T's, etc. You're such a faggot, Rose. Kill yourself, fam.
  • Best Nu-metal/Rock band.
  • one of the best rock bands ever [2]
  • I think they got better with time especially the album Liberation Transmission that was my jam shame about what happened to them with Ian but it was good while it lasted, No Devotion doesn't hold up as well unfortunately. They had a good front man and lost him, some bands don't recover from that
  • one of the best rock bands ever
  • Taylor Swift is the only member of Lostprophets I like. [2]
  • Lostprophets is my most favorite band, ever since I heard "To Hell We Ride" in the Need for Speed: Underground. "The Fake Sound of Progress" is my second favorite song after the one I mentioned. Sometimes I go here, to LastFM, to watch my favorite band's clips and just to listen to music, but each time I come across comments I can't get my hand off my face: "Ian Watkins is a dick/shit/fag/insert_your_favorite_offensive_word". People, you are all such assholes. Enjoy this goddamn band, you thankless idiots, this unique sound can't be heard anywhere else, anymore further. Personally I don't give a single damn about who, how and why Ian fucks, it's his own personal business. But it seems like each damn moralfag considers posting damn offensive Ian Watkins comment under each damn Lostprophets video his goddamn holy duty. Never had faith in humanity, and it looks like I never will.
  • Taylor Swift is the only member of Lostprophets I like.
  • did jared fogle go to their shows?

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