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  • Avatar di azukitan
    mr. fang my favorite <3
  • Avatar di MAKI_NODA
    You, please, gave money! To GAIA! and buy New Track 2,3000,0000-!!!!!!! HEY Please. Be not down↓ Your must be check, now!
  • Avatar di MAKI_NODA
    Are you out of danger now? It is badness that yours under-brother's frends! Please you be keep on caution against thers badness! I am entangled in a plot! I am not a frend to ther! But you are fool veryly! then you mistake on me that I am a frend of them.----- yes, I am anger to chain, also tired, veryly.
  • Avatar di MAKI_NODA
    Hey you! Are you snapped! fool! b-y natary,p./^ -----Please your(=natary,p.) must be support and contact to him!(from MAKI_NODA)
  • Avatar di MAKI_NODA
    Your's under-brother is very worry! ---garbage of paper into your mouth, now. Do you have known? ---your time of sleep, a short time ago. He is very evil, and crafty, and wily. He hide me, truely.
  • Avatar di MAKI_NODA
    I am that is MAKI. That is a true name. Do you know that name? ---I am a japanese. I have been knewing a Celtic memory for 5 years ago. Are you Hallstatt-winner, now? ←That is a your before-uncle's say, he want to go home, on your body! ■■■By the way, lord was worship for three? All of them were Dentist? Well then, is lord that Jesus Christ? or his brothers? or ---, how were him vice-Dietman? I hate evil, veryly! ■■■Then I am the GAIA's CEO, do you know? and I hate MASAKO, and all of violently-psychic. Please be know, my true. Please thank you very much.
  • Avatar di CrybKeeper
    Thank you Lords, for playing Warriors of Metal Fest lll. One hellacious performance!!! Quite the showmen, a truly fun band to party with : )
  • Avatar di cptbluddbeard
    Friends, Fans, Fellow Seadogs, I regret to inform you that I am renouncing my service to the great Trident, and no longer wear the title of Lord. I will be departing my fellow bandmates and setting sail for new seas, in pursuit of new musical endeavors. I had some great times with the Lords, and with all of you. We pillaged, we plundered, we burned, we murdered, we looted, we did a little bamboozling, and we faced multiple charges of homicide and “throwing up of horns.” I wish the Lords tons of luck in the battles to come. I know that the metal gods will smile upon them in all that they do. Keep in touch, and look out for updates on my new project, tentatively called the Saltwater Prophets. And so to all of you, May the seas be your friend and the winds be your guide. And whether it be to Davy Jones’ Locker Or the fields of Fiddler’s Green, May your sailing be steady and clear. Yours Nautically and Fatally, Captain Bluddbeard
  • Avatar di MrTreesong
    Good to see you on here! w00t

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