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  • Avatar di Rui_Casola
    One of the best extreme metal bands in the game. Leaders of their time.
  • Avatar di matsunami0
    Semblances is SOOOOOOOO good. The EP reminds me a lot of Pervertor which I've always preferred to Death Mask.
  • Avatar di BlasterPOPhater
    Final Division is what I wanted all these years.
  • Avatar di herviross_2
    New EP is fantastic!
  • Avatar di voshchronos
  • Avatar di Kelvindv
    Never checked those guys out properly. That's some filthy, disgusting music. Better to be late to the party than not arrive at the party at all.
  • Avatar di Ireallylikeeggs
    ahahah death mask is so fucking good
  • Avatar di MykeMinor
    "lord indian" nyuck nyuck nyuck. check out charlie's new shit:
  • Avatar di Peckuriukas
    Really nice sound..
  • Avatar di Eman SCSA
    lord indian
  • Avatar di michouz
    blackened cobra
  • Avatar di Goodbrood
    sludgy nastiness
  • Avatar di Ahsanagan
    Fukking Insane! Love It!
  • Avatar di mefurgly
    underrated. this is the good shit.
  • Avatar di colderskin
    heavy dirty stuff me like but there is like no bm in this so what the fuck also nice vhs2 clip herbs
  • Avatar di vitreus
    how am i only just now hearing these guys? fucking disgusting as fuck.
  • Avatar di faithlessss
    Fckin great!
  • Avatar di UnholyShroud
    Any news about the pressing of Death Mask to vinyl?
  • Avatar di thedailygrind
    Death Mask review up here:
  • Avatar di CrimsonThatIsMe
    Awesome album
  • Avatar di Smirnon
    anyway, good fucking album man. this one, From All Purity and the latest Coffinworm are bringing the sickness and filth back into sludge. where it belongs
  • Avatar di Smirnon
    not taking any prisoners on Death Mask. and while it's the drummer from Indian, i find the vocals here most similar to what's happening on From All Purity
  • Avatar di Patholysis
    the new album is pretty sick
  • Avatar di EvilFoo
    Death Mask is incredible
  • Avatar di spinebrain
    Death Mask released! Stream & digital download here
  • Avatar di BlackBullet
    best audiofilth out there! vocals are insane :)
  • Avatar di necrokult
    Great band.
  • Avatar di Jimsonisolation
    DM is disgusting, grotesque industrial feel, love it.
  • Avatar di KeroseneBath
  • Avatar di AudioInjection
    don't be silly.
  • Avatar di abhorion
    new song is boring as fuck
  • Avatar di flower_of_flesh
    sick as hell.
  • Avatar di Thurible
    Pervertor is meh
  • Avatar di GriendClub
    ебанись, блэк митолизды текут
  • Avatar di Pati_boi
    bands like this remind me why i love black metal
  • Avatar di Jimsonisolation
    It's not that it lacks dynamics, it's just that it's very fucking boring. Ritual killer & at the mouth are killer. The rest is just shitty half arsed BM filler.
  • Avatar di shredordead69
    If you like Lord Mantis, be sure to check out the new album "Dreamcrusher" by the band Wretches -
  • Avatar di Jureiko
    I've been listening to pervertor for some time and I understand now why many people dislike it. It's very repetative, lacks dynamics, catchyness and conventional song structures. But you can't ignore the fact these guys are trying to sound unique. I'm sick of sludge bands replaying combinations of stoner and/or hardcore riffs over and over again. Yeah LM are rough around the edges and they don't know (yet) how to write a song that catches your attention from start to finish but I prefer them any day of the week to any bro0sludge EHG clones.
  • Avatar di jayfatha
    Yep aoty '12
  • Avatar di yodaman5606
    I think I found my favorite album of 2012.
  • Avatar di Ufasas
    fucking awesome
  • Avatar di Hopkinator
    Not bad
  • Avatar di AlexMercure
    Nice desu ne~
  • Avatar di kobushi_
    shit is for pussies
  • Avatar di jayfatha
    "Guess I expected less black metal and more heavy stuff..." Implying that black metal isn't "heavy stuff"?
  • Avatar di BlackBullet
    Need Pervertor on vinyl!!
  • Avatar di zigloxx
    Great stuff! Brutal and out of the box. Beire!
  • Avatar di Mrozikos667
    Hmm, listening to "Pervertor" for the first time. Guess I expected less black metal and more heavy stuff...
  • Avatar di john-peter
    Pervertor is great one.
  • Avatar di DDconjoined


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