• Top 50 2006

    Gen 5 2007, 14:56 di lady_Amelia

    Welcome to my 2006 Top 50. Actually it's going to be a top 50 since I joined last.fm in October of '05. So just over a year. Anyhoo, you'll find quite a few different genres of music in this list.

    Up until October of '05, I never gave much thought or attention to electronic music. I only ever listened to EBM\industrial. That was as far as it went. But then I was introduced to all aspects of dance music (techno, minimal techno, trance, drum n bass and so on). And I thank my friend Sharevari for that.

    Besides the electronic music, the other genre I began to love this past year was rockabilly\psychobilly. Another new fav.

    Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the time to help me with the formatting ;)

    Anyhoo, enjoy!

    1. Nothing Left To Say
    I first heard this ska band from California, in May of '06. Loved it from the first listen I must say.

    2. State of Emergency
    Here is some good old classic streetpunk\Oi from BC, Canada. Founding member is from Scotland. This song caught my attention almost immediately. …