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  • Fatality.
  • Not really impressed by Loaded but latest album is surprisingly good suffers in vocal department
  • Agree with ROH_Fan. Great album and the name will always be Loaded to me as well.
  • Loving the new album! Great stuff as usual from Duff and the guys. As for the name, It will always be Loaded to me.
  • LastFm should really do something about artists with similiar names being mixed up like this. As there is more then one band called Loaded
  • New album out on the 14th April for the UK i can not wait. Duff and the band are so good honestly sick was one of the best albums Duff has ever done.
  • It's Loaded. "Duff McKagan's" was added becouse of commercial reasons ;)
  • It's Loaded. Duff McKagan's Loaded is an alternate name.
  • What's the correct tag? [artist]Loaded[/artist] or [artist]Duff McKagan's Loaded[/artist]?
  • I'd take Loaded's last two albums over Slash's solo records, Sick kicks some major ass.
  • I love "No Shame" :) Super song o_O
  • Just got the new album and it is awesome, i love it. Jeff Rouse who is the Bass player sings vocals on Translucent.
  • maraaaaaaaa
  • Can anyone please link me to a site where i can get their music? I've searched around and can't find anything, thanks. Loaded rock.
  • Sick is a great Rock n' Roll record!
  • I hope they book you guys on the Lowlands Festival; that would be more than awesome!!!!
  • Review of "Sick" over at
  • Love Sick
  • I bought Sick last weekend: a very cool album. Good to hear that Duff van still make kick-ass rock & roll songs.
  • No More!!! the best change in a song
  • I grabbed one copie yesterday!
  • The new EP "Wasted Heart" is limited to 7000 copies worldwide, so you better grab one now! ;)
  • just seen them live yesterday night.. what a pity.. the worst rock band I've ever seen..
  • unbelieveable! didnt know theyd announced dates already! ill never get time off work now!
  • Reunion ftw!
  • unreal band! love their music. Let's rock!
  • good band:) I've just found them:P ^^' \m/
  • Duff's Loaded IS one of the best bands ever! They are back together working on a new album and starting a tour this summer. Check their site, :)!
  • The German Loaded Rocks! : )
  • can someone send me some mp3 on ? i'll be very greatful :)
  • They were such a great band... :(

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