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I didn't come this far
For you to make this hard for me
And now you want to ask me \"how\"?
It's like how does your heart beat, why do you breathe?

Testo di Lisa Loeb - How


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  • :)
  • Nice song - was the background music in a scene in Buffy :)
  • Reminds me of Ms. Pamela Luu, as in “Jeff and Pam” [duo, former]. We used to cover this tune. See (i think that's it), for more on li'l miss pammie. Cool chick, really. She's not like you, i'll bet. She knows all the sappy pop tunes, before they're popular, some how. it's weird. always found that remarkable about good ol' Pammie. You go girl. (She be hockin' wares of a different sort, these days.)
  • Nice song Mrs Loeb!
  • <3
  • She has such a sweet soft voice...Love it!
  • <3
  • first time i heard this track was from one of my favorite movies twister and later on buffy the vamp slayer :P ive been obsessed ever since
  • my favorite song from her.
  • Great song, like a fare few I first discovered it through BtVS

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