• Lil Flip - I Get Money feat. Jim Jones

    Set 24 2007, 4:47 di docdwayniac

    You might be forgiven for thinking Lil Flip has copied 50 Cent with this song here, but the truth is it came out before 50 Cent's song of the same name. As stated in the clip, Lil Flip recently bought his way out of a record deal that he didn't like, and it cost him $2,000,000, but apparently he signed a deal worth much more than that at Warner Brothers. However, his recent double disc album, I Need Mine $$, opened to little fanfare, with less than 50,000 copies sold in the first week. This was strange for an artist whose former two albums had both gone platinum.
    I must confess, the source owe me two more mics; I took my ringtone money and bought two more bikes
    Lil Flip
    Jim Jones
    I Need Mine
    I Get Money