• Light Leak – Thoughts of Mirth 7.0

    Set 4 2010, 4:59 di utopiantheorist

    Hailing from Germany, Light Leak knows how to keep it mellow. Perhaps this is the result of Germany’s welfare state, which dictates that each newborn child be given either a copy of Ableton Live or a vintage synthesizer. This is to ensure Germany’s supremacy in the non-shitty techno market. Fortunately, Germany faces little challenge in the international techno industry.

    Listening to this, I hear a little bit of an Ulrich Schnauss influence, mostly his earlier stuff, like “Far Away Trains Passing By”. The sounds are gentle, tender to the touch. Even the percussion used sounds small and delicate. Songs like “Disposable” use stuttering beats to get their point across.

    Generally speaking, I like the more atmospheric, quieter songs. “Holga”, “Fin” and “Reversal” are probably my favorites of the bunch. Hopefully he continues following his muse with this sort of stuff. Also, although it is technically labeled as “chillwave” it sounds more like something that would be found in your average City Centre Offices release…