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Lia (cantante)

Generi J-Pop , Trance , Techno , Happy Hardcore
Occupazioni Il cantautore
Periodo di attività 2001 - presente
Etichette 2001-2003 Ho Sound
2001 - presente Key Sounds Label
2004 - oggi etichetta Queens / Pony Canyon
2005 Dex Entertainment
2006 Marvelous Entertainment
Sito web (in giapponese...)

Lia è una giapponese cantautrice che è un ex membro della I've…

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  • I'm so happy I could cry. I've been a fan of Lia since I was in middle school. I have intense memories with the first three enigmaticLIA CDs... Dancing with my friends, listening when I was sad... But I've never actually owned the first three albums because they were sold out everywhere. But today I found out they are available on iTunes Japan. And that I could get a iTunes Japan gift card to buy them. So I did just that. After nine years I actually have them... I highly suggest everyone checks out all the enigmaticLIA CDs. (There are six. The first three, the fourth which is divided into two discs that you have to buy separately, and SPECTRUM RAYS.) < 3
  • I love "Toki wo Kizamu Uta"
  • I agree with everyone else on Bravely You being amazing. : )
  • "Bravely you" is a masterpiece
  • "Oh? There are still people who knows Lia for "Tori no Uta" alive?" Lol, why not?
  • Ugh...the top plays are so horrible without merging.
  • I love Bravely You but maaaan did it feel tonally off in today's episode :/
  • Liking the new OP for Charlotte
  • I wouldn't mind another "enigmatic Lia" album
  • @de22zx So is it better or worse that I just listened to Tori no Uta for the first time today?

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