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  • Avatar di runawayxzombie
    just found this on youtube! this band is awesome, i've been missing out
  • Avatar di PLagueDil
    come play in europe!
  • Avatar di NorseWarrior
    DrEfficient is right. We should definitely share the band...
  • Avatar di DrEfficient
    These guys need some more exposure. Barely anything new in here since I last left a comment 2 years ago! Do they not venture outside of Quebec much? I saw them opening for Moonsorrow in Toronto and it was 150% awesome. They need to tour the US, and I bet there wouldn't be a shortage of fans in Scandinavia either.
  • Avatar di NorseWarrior
    Le nouveau CD est mauditement bon!
  • Avatar di untitledsoul
    tabarkcriss que c'est festif! très bon show!
  • Avatar di NorseWarrior
    Osti qu'c'est d'la bombe!
  • Avatar di Raxluten
    car c'est grâce a eux que nous pouvons êtres fiers!!
  • Avatar di Weathertimelord
    buvez compagnon!!!
  • Avatar di Grimkrieg
    Amazing live show. Les Bâtards Du Nord are definitely one of the most refreshing bands I've heard in a long time.

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