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  • Avatar di Punkocalypse
    Punk 1 2 punch!
  • Avatar di Milliusism
    From 3:40 ish, totally into it!
  • Avatar di etyraa
    kick ass from the very first note. [2]
  • Avatar di BrokenRazorwire
    really great song
  • Avatar di Ganija_35
  • Avatar di hunterdark
    kick ass from the very first note.
  • Avatar di EISBERT
    FETT! FÄTT! FÖÖÖTTTTT!!!!!!!!! And thanx for invitation!!
  • Avatar di johnTMcNeill
    Prozac my ass - this is meth... but I get your point- we are all somewhat numb - kinda like PTSD from all the b.s. of life. But you gotta keep on trying...
  • Avatar di hiei229
    Amazing song >.<
  • Avatar di xSchutzstaffel
    First 40 secs are really good.

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