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  • Love the Missionary Man cover <3
  • I just started listening to them and that female vocal totally rocks. This is what I call a decent female vocal - a vocal like this is something I miss in most of female fronted goth/symph metal bands. While I like goth/symph, I can't stand these childish, soft vocals. This band is going to be one of these I am going to listen and listen.
  • I do agree that Shadowdance and Fevered were sheer doom metal, but I do think that Light Shines Black most certainly has gothic influences. Gothic as in the traditional goth rock sense, kind of like Type O Negative. ;)
  • "This is not "gothic" in any way, go use [this] tag elsewhere.. This band is really underrated btw. Very original and catchy mid tempo doom." [2]
  • i love this gothic doomy band! long live left hands solution
  • woo i'm a top listener :D thats a first
  • This is not "gothic" in any way, go use your filthy poser tag elsewhere.. This band is really underrated btw. Very original and catchy mid tempo doom.
  • Why did so many people tag them as "gothic doom metal" and "gothic metal"?! There's nothing "gothic" in this band and it has nothing common with the real so-called "gothic-doom" bands.
  • true decadence
  • Best name band ever... [2]
  • Best name band ever...
  • i like this band! is great!
  • Love them!!!
  • Yisp: you should, Shadowdance is probebly my favorite album from them
  • i love the fact that they stay with perfectly resonable song lengths in most cases...that alone makes them kinda unique on the doom scene
  • Great singer, and great band
  • left hand solution = jacking off with left hand so one may navigate the internet with ease using the right hand with the mouse?
  • music sounds good, but I don't like the recording quality
  • very good band... awesome vocalist
  • [url=]Link[/url] <-- Maybe they mean this with left hand... dunno
  • @ Nox: I honestly have no clue. But it seems as though they've put up some videos and full length songs which weren't present when I last visited this page, so they're not dead...
  • mariana? She doesn't sound like Elvis at al. O_O Yay, I'm the top listener this week!
  • Does anyone else thing thier singer sounds like Elvis o.0. Its good though.

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