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I Leaves' Eyes sono una gothic metal band formata da Liv Kristine Espenaes (ex-cantante dei Theatre of Tragedy e dai musicisti degli Atrocity (Tra cui il vocalist Alexander Krull, marito di Liv). La band ha pubblicato due singoli ("Into Your Light", "Elegy"), un EP ("Legend Land") e due full-lenght album: "Lovelorn" nel 2004 e "Vinland Saga" nel 2005.

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  • Avatar di Nardens
    so should we expect tot to re-group? bets being accepted :)
  • Avatar di nDroae
    No love for Flickerlight?
  • Avatar di DorianVonEden
    Musique is weird, to me. It has some truly great songs, but as a whole it still kinda feels like a transition album. Assembly took it to the perfect level. It's truly a shame they didn't play any Assembly songs on Last Curtain Call, 'cause I'd have listened the hell out of Starlit, Liquid Man, Universal Race or Envision with Nell.
  • Avatar di music-o-maniac
    I actually prefer Assembly to the debut and Velvet Darkness, tbh. [2] I love Assembly, actually it's been my favourite album of ToT for a long time, until I gave Aegis and Musique a thorough listen. Still, electronic ToT owns my heart.
  • Avatar di DorianVonEden
    I actually prefer Assembly to the debut and Velvet Darkness, tbh.
  • Avatar di nDroae
    vv You joke but I have 188 plays of Musique vs. 67 of Aégis (and 257 of Assembly, 523 of Storm)
  • Avatar di OceanicDream
    I'm looking forward to the future of both groups and hope that this horrible fight will end soon.
  • Avatar di ultravioletfrog
    I secretly hope it's less Aegis and more "In a blue suit and orange pullover / Cause you look like my old dog Rover"
  • Avatar di DorianVonEden
    As long as they don't use anything related to the Theatre of Tagedy moniker, in which case I might as well add gasoline and matchsticks to the mix. :3 Side note, Alex CASUALLY shared on his public page a photo of himself with Leon. Which means he's stayed behind in Germany. Which probably means nothing but Leon still having to go to school.
  • Avatar di nDroae
    Raymond Rohonyi: "It's an impressive shitstorm you've managed creating here :) Maybe it would have been prudent to not have been like a petulant kid when, as we know, you are the culpable one for this whole situation Alex? :)"

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