• Free Quannum Downloads

    Gen 19 2008, 12:06 di cj6996

    Just thought i would spread the love of some great Quannum artists. They pretty much all seem to be giving free tracks away which is kind of them!! (Shame i already own all of the cds, but all the same.....people should listen to these guys much more)


    Latyrx - Say That
    Latryx - Latyrx
    Latyrx - The Wreckoning

    Some quality tracks from their album 'The Album'. Lyrics Born and Lateef are two dope mc's and they work seamlessly together and if you haven't heard this album then you should have. The tracks 'Muzappers Mix' on the album is incredible. so funky.

    Lyrics Born - Lady Don't Tek No
    Lyrics Born - Knock Knock
    Lyrics Born - Callin' Out
    Lyrics Born - Bad Dreams

    A couple of tracks from his album 'Later That Day' which is one of my favourite albums. Revitalised by the quality 'Same Shit Different Day' album with some awesome remixes with the likes of Evidence and Krs One in particular. The amazing Lady Don't Tek No is an old track that I have played countless…