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Burn the Priest
Lamb of God

Burn the Priest

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  • This album is kinda cool, and it sounds better than both New American Gospel and As The Palaces Burn production-wise.
  • GREAT SHIT !!!
  • @RaulPSilva: It's been more than a year that you have asked, but when this album came out the band was called Burn The Priest, not Lamb Of God. That's why you're having problems.
  • their best.
  • Brutal!
  • LAMB OF GOD/burn the priest (79 plays) / Lamb of God - Burn the Priest (3 plays) WTF??
  • damn it! why doesn't it scrobbles? In 'all albums' I can see the songs, but if I go into Burn the Priest (album), it's not counting WTF :/ How do I fix it?
  • This is better than New American Gospel
  • they never performed dimera, didn't they?
  • And oh, I'd like to hear them perform Duane someday!
  • If Randy's vocal range was wider.. This would be a great album. They got many sweet riffs here.
  • So much better then they are now
  • Fuking Cool!!!
  • weird, I can't seem to scrobble this album. Only 11 plays? Per song maybe...
  • this is real mad music
  • yep, the cookiemonster got it right-on. Fucking headcrushing, insane, curb-stomping music. Something you don't want your parents to hear you listening to, kiddies. Whatever happened to the 'Sevens and More' album"?
  • headcrushing
  • This is funny "BTP>LOG LOL". They are the same band, All they did was change the name.
  • So sad they lost that sludgy feeling they got here...
  • i fucking love BtP and LoG <3
  • They were alot more technical and they had better riffs when they were Burn The Priest. I'd say if they combined their skill from back then with the studio quality nowadays, they would be much better. Just an opinion.
  • Burn the Priest>LoG Love LoG though, but this is just one of my all-time favorite albums.
  • fucking great album! awesome style they had back than,even though i like them nowadays too
  • I like their style on this one and NAG more than the new stuff. But I couldnt say they are better... it's a matter of taste.
  • GrannyGreen is right, but hell - great album
  • This album shouldn't be under Lamb of God. Burn the Priest is Burn the Priest...Lamb of God is Lamb of God. Lol.
  • Ummmmmm why is this labeled wrong??? This album was released under Burn the Priest not Lamb of God.
  • ya fuckin right
  • ha. burn the priest were far better than lamb of god.

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