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  • Avatar di AmberAmnesia
    Beautiful soundscapes.
  • Avatar di Usevalue3Xalhad
    Acceleration toward a real that is impossible
  • Avatar di Laid-Back-Cat
    This is the sound between the veil of dimensions; a place where darkness breathes fear and where time hangs in eternal suspension; a place where souls - and phantoms of souls - drift aimlessly, awaiting judgement, penance, then rebirth.
  • Avatar di AzraelNeth
    This song makes me think of a lightless world where everything that was once living is now a grey smeared statue that crumbles to ash when touched.
  • Avatar di kgkelt
    this sounds like the images becoming animated in the bardo realm. this is the first time for me as a listener so i guess what is new for one person may be old for someone else. anyway hegel and nietzche are much older but relatively new to some of us, thet still have much to say.
  • Avatar di naftarsun
    .........great...........i don't care how old it is.............
  • Avatar di dielucky This came out 18 years ago.
  • Avatar di dielucky
    The mission statement of this band sounds like a direct rip off of Lustmord
  • Avatar di Thanatologist
    I LOVE the mission statement of this collaboration!

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