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Lacuna Coil

To Myself I Turned (4:25)

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  • Love this one!
  • Awesome song!
  • Poetry made song!! *-* I just love this one Cristina has the voice of an angel! ♥
  • amazing♥
  • I'm the only survivor in this land
  • Really nice song!
  • Amazing! <3
  • I feel sorry for those who have yet to hear this song.
  • My favorite Lacuna Coil Song! [2] Yessssss :)
  • <3<3<3
  • I love this song-its the haunting tune and the fab harmonies that make it great. The words don't really seem to match up with the syncopation of the tune, though-I wonder if the song was translated to English from something else...(Italian?).
  • Awesome indeed
  • love the chorus, amazing!!
  • My favorite Lacuna Coil Song!
  • Love you!
  • My favorite Lacuna song together with Cold. Soooo nice.
  • One of the absolute best.
  • Gosh this song is among the best from Lacuna Coil. There's something special and deep in there. Maybe cause that's one of the first song a very special girl shared with me and it always makes me remember her. A the special power of music :-)
  • Mi canción favorita de Lacuna Coil, sobre todo por la letra, la composición musical aunque básica suena a ciertas ritmicidades muy clásicas.
  • This song is amazying, one of my favorite songs on the album.
  • lacuna coil is the best..!!!
  • Lacuna Coil rules!
  • This Song ROX ... \..\(O_o)/../
  • This is Lacuna Coil, not WT.
  • I´ve just created a Facebook group for Within Temptation. If you like check it out and join to support the best band ever. Thx.
  • just keep finding great songs!! love this site!!
  • excelente
  • Pretty good.
  • what a beautiful lyric!!
  • great
  • One of my top 3 favorite Lacuna Coil songs.
  • One of my favorites <3
  • never heard of it but me likey
  • Oh this is quite excellent. Sweet twinges here and there.
  • agree with mezdhal. great song
  • Great vocals.
  • I'm not a big fan of metal in any of it's forms but this is really nice. :]
  • Great song its so melodic, thumbsup
  • I loooooove this song...
  • one of my fav songs overall ... as you see... i'm the only survivor.. lovely song! ->Yes
  • :)
  • i love this song
  • i like em too
  • great.
  • Lacuna coil is my favorite band ever, none can replace them. this song is strong, the lyrics and melody. listen to it loud in your headphones when ur depressed or mad, it'll make u feel better. i hope cristina and the boyz never go away!
  • as you see... i'm the only survivor.. lovely song!
  • Same here. It's the song that got me into them and still my favorite by far.
  • me 2.
  • I really love this song.

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