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I Lacrimosa sono un duo composto dal tedesco Tilo Wolff, leader e compositore del gruppo, e dalla finlandese Anne Nurmi. Attualmente si sono stabiliti in Svizzera.

La musica dei Lacrimosa, all'inizio della loro carriera, apparteneva al genere darkwave basato su suoni minimalisti con pianoforti e tappeti di tastiera. Col tempo la musica si evoluta diminuendo la componente ambient diventando sempre più rock arrivando a proporre…

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  • Why is Hoffnung still not listed as an album?
  • There are other long songs like hohelied der liebe or die strasse der zeit, wich are really good, however with mondfeuer i felt it was unnecessary long
  • Opinion yes, I agree its your opinion! But your statement is like its 15 mins long PASS!! You really never gave the track a shot!
  • Just an opinion person, everyone is allowed to have one, even you... the second song on the album was really good, that is all I cared for this go round.
  • Mondfeuer is 15 mins long yes! But really it does not even feel 15 mins long goes by so fast! Annoying is your comment!
  • A 15 minute song... holy crap how annoying, I listened to once and deleted that song. Songs should really be no longer than 8 minutes and even that is a bit much. I get it your trying to be epic, but when a 15 minute song pops up on shuffle on my phone... well it never will because it won't be on my phone.
  • It had similar sound to the Inferno/Stille era, however there is something missing, can not tell exactly what, Thunder and Lighting was the best song in my personal opinion
  • Best since Elodia? What are you smoking! Its good! not great!
  • The best since Elodia
  • Their new album is magnificent, like the old ones.

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