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  • I love this 2015 version :D Im glad I didn't get to hear the Kanye's version you guys were talking about.
  • This song sucks.
  • Kanye sucks [3] Why is this version still on and why isn't it labeled correctly?
  • I really enjoy Kanye in just about everything. I appreciate his style and all, but I felt like his feature on this took me out of the mood. A very nice and exciting song, but Kanye's verse felt out of place and unnecessary. Which is a pity because on it's own I like it.
  • Fucked up. Didn't want to hear that.
  • Kanye West is a douche. A legend in his own mind and a total knob.
  • La Roux - massively underated Kayne West - massively overrated
  • Kanye sucks [2]
  • Kanye sucks
  • Sorry guys, absolutely love Kanye on the track. Enhances La Roux's awesomeness on this song. :)
  • ♥❤♥
  • what are feelings without emotions?
  • Let's go to war to make peace, let's be cold to create heat, up in darkness we can see, and you're not blinded for the light from me.
  • Suddenly, Kanye out of nowhere.
  • My favorite new song from La Roux!!!
  • <3 329 scrobbles <3
  • Her voice and this music go so well together
  • ewaly simple nonsens music altough he will kill-
  • WHAT??? KANYE WEST did something to this? EVERYTHING IS RUINED FOREVER. [2]
  • She'll never beat this flawlessness [2]
  • She'll never beat this flawlessness
  • interesting voice
  • I wouldn't know this fantastic song if there wasn't Dredd 3D and it's trailer.
  • LA ROUX. another world. LOVE IT
  • He's got such a boring rapping voice.
  • The law! You betrayed it!
  • Kanye?? Ugh! SKIP
  • Someone REALLY needs to rip out Kanye West's voice box, he absolutely ruined the new version of this song. {-(
  • @moresweetb There is a solo version
  • the bridge >>>>>>>>>>
  • LOVE Kanye on the track - sorry for those who don't....
  • Great Song!
  • La Roux lovers will LOVE this:
  • I really really should dislike this, but I JUST CAN'T. IT'S SO CATCHY.
  • I'm glad there's no more Kanye on this track. Guess there is still reason to live.
  • Her voice is a little grating, and the music is uninspired. Sorry.
  • amazing voice
  • Very Good Sing !!!
  • La Roux - In For the Kill (Kanye West Remix)
  • Nice
  • Kanye fucked up this song.
  • ♥!
  • Kanye ruined this song.
  • the rapping part: annoying! unnecessary!
  • After reading the comments, I have to say Kanye is not a welcome sound to a new listener of La Roux. Was actually really liking the song too, so will have to look it up, or something T.T
  • Great song without Kanye in it.


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