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  • One of the greatest heavy metal albums I've ever listened to.
  • All Kyuss albums are different and in their own way awesome ...
  • I agree with you MisterJunior, in terms of the quality of the tracks presented, they're actually amazing, I enjoy the Punkier vibe they went with on this one. I think it's the production that annoys people the most, it's just not quite there yet on this one.
  • I don't get the distaste for this one that a lot of Kyuss fans seem to have. I would agree that it doesn't quite match the others in terms of overall quality, but this is a very, very good record made by guys who were only 19-20! Think about that. It was also made with less of a budget than the other records, so in addition to the guys being a little less technically proficient with their instruments, Wretch has a much rawer sound about it than the later albums. What it lacks in polish and subtlety, though, it makes up for with shit-kicking metal and punk-inflected tunes that are more straightforward and not as spacey as the material generally regarded as classic by most. "I'm Not," "(Beginning of What's About to Happen) Hwy 74," "Katzenjammer," "Black Widow," "Stage III" -- if these are "bad" songs to you, you need to pull your head out of your ass, clean your ears and listen more closely. I've got this one in double clear vinyl and it sounds incredible. Play it loud!
  • Funny, I hated this album when I got it about 2001. Seemed cheesy. Now, I frickin' love it.
  • What do you mean "bad production"?? The production quality is staggering (especially loud)!
  • Perfect album, I love it.
  • so heavyyy...
  • Goddamn, son of a bitch!
  • This Kyuss at its finest.

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