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  • the new EP sounds like towers of glass collapsing
  • new track out on sc : [url][/url]
  • new release soon ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Gotta get on this
  • Severant -- это просто нечто. Когда уже второй ЛП.
  • Listened to Severant for the first time in a year or two the other day. Still goes so damn hard.
  • lmaooooooooooo
  • @eldraac if those are relatively recent tracks, at least it's good to know he's still making music. Severant is one of the best future-footwork/juke albums ever.
  • New album when [3]
  • new tracks are gorgeous!
  • Getting hot I guess
  • New Kuedo tracks in this weeks xlr8r podcast by µ-Ziq are amazing. Really looking forward to a new release.
  • New album when [2]
  • New album when
  • Ant City, amazing.
  • Severant - great. "Ant City" - splendid. I need more...
  • lovin' this a lot
  • fuck yes.
  • stoked for a new release by this dude.
  • What the guy below me said.
  • If BOC started producing wonky/bass music, i guess it would sound a lot like Kuedo's Severant..
  • New Kuedo track in Kode9 Rinse mix : Mirtazapine [url][/url]
  • <3
  • I hope he will drop something new this year. Last year's single was great, but made me long for more.
  • Adore Severant. Its diverse antecedents are clear, they impinge not an iota on its melancholic beauty. Need more, more... [2]
  • This is seriously DOPE.
  • Wow v good, s/o him remixing Main Attrakionz. Otherwise I wouldn't have discovered Severant.
  • this is great. can't believe i didn't know about this
  • Tomorrow at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ:
  • Severant is fantastic. He hit a home run with that album.
  • still a nice find
  • Blade Runner
  • Adore Severant. Its diverse antecedents are clear, they impinge not an iota on its melancholic beauty. Need more, more...
  • PHOTOS FROM UNSOUND 2012,kategoria.html
  • severant is gorgeous
  • Severant has held up so much better than some of the other retro-wave artists that released albums in 2011. I can't wait for new material from him.
  • helluva chin hes got there
  • Chill out with some [url=]Right Angle Triangle[/url] beats!
  • From the ashes rises a new sound… Full of colour Full of mystery ... love him!
  • Scissors, the best!!!
  • Severant has nice modern+retro sound and feel to it. Really digging this
  • great songwriter
  • jamie is a replicant. [2]
  • jamie is a replicant.
  • brilliant album
  • v no
  • Y'know I really dig Severant, but every time I listen I end up thinking, "man it would have been great if he'd just toned down the hihats a bit. JUST A BIT"
  • "Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space" is awesome
  • that's because it has some footwork beats in it, but who cares this is something so much greater. blade runner soundtrack anybody?
  • it's a storm


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