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Jesus Was Way Cool
King Missile _Mystical Shit_ Shimmy Disc

Jesus was way cool

Testo di King Missile - Jesus Was Way Cool


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  • cool
  • Way cool
  • jesus Was way kool... zombie/vampire jesus says, eat my flesh and drink my blood. that's Way kool.
  • See,I don't think this song is really poking too much fun at Christians..I think it's a beautiful song - yeah,it's funny and satirical,but never cruel. It's not even blasphemous: "If he WANTED TO,he could have turned wheat into Marijuana,or sugar into Cocaine,or vitamins into amphetamine pills" Genius :)
  • he rose from the dead danced around and then went to heaven........that's so cool.
  • i love this song, it makes me smile (and maybe laugh a little) every time!
  • He told people to eat his body and drink his blood...Thats so cool, Jesus was WAY cool
  • he could turn water into wine, and if he wanted to he could have turned wheat into marijuana, sugar into cocaine and vitamin pills into amphetamines
  • A Jesus vs. Hendrix guitar duel? That would be epic cool.
  • He could've baked the most delicious cake in the world

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