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  • Avatar di Farouchette
    hahahahahahahahh XD
  • Avatar di KingFahtah
    I'm sure some of them might.
  • Avatar di Anglicize
    Maybe trolls and religious people like dicks?
  • Avatar di KingFahtah
    @Anglicize I attract many trolls and religious people with penis fixation. I don't know why anymore.
  • Avatar di Anglicize
    What are those tags
  • Avatar di Stretchead
    That Jingle Bells tune made me think of Derek & Clive
  • Avatar di KingFahtah
    I knew there had to be a purpose to it
  • Avatar di Ascymetra
    Once, I tortured towelheads with these sounds
  • Avatar di GenericDrone
    Great stuff!
  • Avatar di KingFahtah
    My stats seem to go backwards forwards and sideways....lfm are dodgy

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