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I Kent sono un gruppo rock svedese, formatosi in Eskilstuna/Torshälla nel 1990 sotto il nome di Coca-Cola Kids, poi Jones & Giftet (Jones & the Poison), e Havsänglar (let. Angeli del mare). Nel 2005 sono stati nominati come miglior rock band svedese, anche se sono più o meno sconosciuti al di là della Scandinavia.

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  • one year ago in cold winter, after few another tracks which i didn`t know (knowing only the general popularity), i realized that this is the one of the most important bands in my entire life, although I'm not a Swede, and not even from Scandinavia.
  • 4N0M3N, `cause you too much love their electronic sound.
  • 10/10 Röd, 9/10 En plats i solen, 9/10 Tillbaka till samtiden, 9/10 Jag är inte rädd för mörkret, 8/10 Vapen & Ammunition, 7/10 Hagnesta Hill, 6/10 Tigerdrottningen, 6/10 Isola, 5/10 Du & jag döden, 5/10 Kent, 5/10 Verkligen
  • Thanks Tropical! I bought V&A. For the second one I bought Verklingen- is this similar to Isola & HH?? I'm trying to find reviews online and can't find anything so this board here is really my only resource. FYI my ranked albums list is prolly... 1-Hagnesta Hill 2) Du Jag 3) Isola 4) B-Sides 5) Tigertroten Like I said I preordered Verkligen, but I can easily cancel and get another one based upon feedback here... Thanks so much!!!
  • v yeah, I would say Vapen & Ammunition is the next best call after getting into Isola or Du & Jag..
  • Meant *Isola below not idols... And I also have Du Jag Döden too so exclude that from recommendations
  • I wanna buy a couple of the re-released vinyl. I have the new one, Hagnasta Hill, idols & bsider now... Which is next best? Of the currant ones I much prefer the sound of HH and the new electric sound is least fave... I was gonna try Vapen & Ammunition... Good call?? Is Tilbaka good for the second? Help would be appreciated thanks!!
  • Tahula, last 4 albums - yeah, electronic-rock. first 2-3 albums more cold rock, Vapen & Ammunition and Du & Jag Döden in the middle - most fav and popular - rock, pop-rock, soft-rock
  • Wow, Tigerdrottningen was beautiful. I'm into this electronic rock stuff. Any other Kent albums like this?
  • The more I listen, the more I love

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