• A Trip To New York

    Nov 19 2008, 12:57 di mtbcast

    Following Keith Jarrett's "Köln Concert" sermon, you leave the church. It's a beautiful sunday morning, it's fall, cold and misty. Yet sunny. "Coffee first", you say, and enter the next deli.

    The guy at the door behind the warm-held curtain is Miles. He's the Bouncer. He checks you in with Blues By Five, a cold reception, followed by a warm welcome: "Welcome to New York" says Billie Holiday dressed as a waitress waiting impatiently to take your order, "it's so nice here in autumn. Autumn in New York!"

    After you eat, you take off. Busy streets, canyons of steel. Dexter Gordon, the bike-messenger, is your man. You and Dexter fly through Broadway. What an energy. After a while, you think it's time to cool down.

    You go to a small bar and buy a drink. Stan Getz comes in and tells you a long, long story. It's all Misty and sad, but with a nice happy end.

    We really don't wanna sleep midday in bar, do we?