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Sunshine (4:13)

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  • the chorus is unbelievably beautiful
  • Decent tune.
  • Love love love this song.
  • Hermoso!
  • amazing
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Depending on my mood, I will always have a different favorite song, however this one constantly reaches that position. Keane's best work and an all time favorite, I hope we get to see something of the same caliber in Strangeland.
  • perfect
  • absolutely beautiful!
  • Best from this album!!!
  • i can listen to this song all day, everyday, and not get sick of it.
  • Good song
  • After listening to this track for years, it still moves me. Unbelievable.
  • bela música
  • <3
  • the refrain reminds me of Paul McCartney ...
  • beautiful
  • amazing !
  • the best off of hopes and fears
  • Easily one of their bests.
  • Recuerdos...
  • so pretty
  • Me encanta <3
  • Close to perfection? nah. Perfection itself.
  • Excellent!
  • so awesome...
  • My fave probably from this guys.
  • love the backing vocals on this beautiful song!
  • it's in my keane top 5! Just love this to death. It sends shivers down my spine. I'm seriously addicted to this song.
  • The best Keane song ever...♥
  • zzzz
  • very nice~
  • 很好听啊 最近老听这首歌呢 嘿嘿
  • Nice song.
  • Such an addictive song, their best by far
  • timricemorissey i completely disagree with you
  • nice
  • yay! i love this so much.
  • this is their weakest track on hopes and fears
  • Ahhh - so floaty and warm and cozy.
  • my favorite keane song
  • ♫ ....lost in the sun! ♫
  • This is definitely my favorite Keane song! should make continuous artist/album playlists for sure so we can listen to the album without interruptions :).
  • Mmmmm.. a wonderful song for car driving on the quiet roads in the early morning
  • i'm sorry
  • Only some dumb idiot... Great song.
  • niiiiiiiiiice, so chill
  • Best Keane song by far!
  • I love this band. This version of the "Sunshine" is not from the main Hopes and Fears album (at theast the US release). I like it!


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