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  • Avatar di junior18lyrics
    Honey ❤
  • Avatar di TarcisioPunk
    Dark delirium & So far away ❤
  • Avatar di lanadelreyy
    lose your head e calm down baita músicas
  • Avatar di dukon
    new album just sucks, no ideas, hits, only average production, sad ;-(
  • Avatar di murilords
    Honey ♥ [8]
  • Avatar di Koenodokio
    Dreamers <3
  • Avatar di Lex_ats
    Water Rising <3333333
  • Avatar di mat_garcia
    New album is strong.
  • Avatar di TheTweedy
    Lose Your Head, omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Honey ♥ [7] So Far Way ❤
  • Avatar di meowhunny
    Honey ♥ [6]
  • Avatar di Fullmettall
    Honey ♥ [5]
  • Avatar di EslamAbosaed
    Honey ♥ [4]
  • Avatar di raffy_rillo
    Really good new album. She shines through like honey.
  • Avatar di juniorfarivs
    Honey ♥ [3]
  • Avatar di GagaDeLaRouX
    What a great tribute to the Underground scene 'Honey' is!! Best album of the year without a doubt.
  • Avatar di amandahp
    The album is so good! Dark Delirium ❤
  • Avatar di solenanthus
    Honey ♥ [2]
  • Avatar di AlexandreGable
    Honey ♥ [1]
  • Avatar di keinenglisch
    "I Wanna Be" is phenomenal. Understated, post-modern and dreamy.
  • Avatar di ohsolucky
    Honey/I Wanna Be/Calm Down are all amazing. Who Am I is pretty bad in comparison, and it's Diplo's fault.
    Sapphire Blue <3
  • Avatar di lucassalgado
    <3 I Wanna Be
  • Avatar di mat_garcia
    As much as I like "Who Am I", "I Wanna Be" should've been the lead single. It's this era's strongest material so far.
  • Avatar di alejandrusco
    "I Wanna Be" is exactly what I wanted from her [4]
  • Avatar di GagaDeLaRouX
    "I Wanna Be" is exactly what I wanted from her [3]
  • Avatar di KingCloud12
    "I Wanna Be" is exactly what I wanted from her [2]
  • Avatar di amandahp
    "I Wanna Be" is exactly what I wanted from her
  • Avatar di TheTweedy
    I Wanna Be ♥
  • Avatar di JPSilva1997
    Filha, não tem como te defender com essas tags do artista.
  • Avatar di ohsolucky
    Honey is so smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooth. reminds me of The Internet
  • Avatar di Tahula
    Drop it already.
  • Avatar di HeeeyVitor
    I'm not liking "Honey" with all these featurings
  • Avatar di itsguigus
    loving her new era. "honey" is definitely one of her best songs.
  • Avatar di AnnGubina
    Who Am I ♥ [3]
  • Avatar di GagaDeLaRouX
    Who Am I ♥ [2]
  • Avatar di danfsmall
    Who Am I ♥
    All My Lovin' <3
  • Avatar di amandahp
    Not feeling her new songs. I'm still excited for Honey though...
  • Avatar di CarlitaXCX
    Who Am I is so good. It doesn't feel like a Major Lazer track. Probably my favorite from Honey so far ♥
  • Avatar di mat_garcia
    Who Am I ♥
  • Avatar di judasalves
    Legítima princesa do pop.
  • Avatar di bubblegumrave
    katy b is a goddess and if you disagree then i'm sorry i can't hear you
  • Avatar di ariel_brendon
    Honey ♥
  • Avatar di amandahp
    gurl, drop the album already
  • Avatar di Zoran_Torty
  • Avatar di Tahula
    5 AM Artwork > Little Red Artwork Since Day 1.
  • Avatar di getting-nowhere
    I'm loving Calm Down!
  • Avatar di Tahula
    Peachy new song!


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