• Squirrel Nut Zippers broadcast

    Lug 16 2008, 5:08 di Uhwelluh

    Two hours of Squirrel Nut Zippers & various alumni. Going to have to check out some more Andrew Bird. Discovered while assembling the program that the Zippers re-formed last year & are currently on tour. Hopefully some new songs will result.

    7/15/08 7pm - 9pm

    1- Lover’s Lane (The Inevitable)
    2- Wished for You (The Inevitable)
    3- Lugubrious Whing Whang (The Inevitable)
    4- Danny Diamond (The Inevitable)
    5- Got My Own Thing Now (Hot)
    6- Meant to Be (Hot)
    7- Memphis Exorcism (Hot)
    8- Put a Lid On It (Hot)
    9- La Grippe (Sold Out)
    10- Pallin’ With Al (Sold Out)
    11- Low Down Man (Perennial Favorites)
    12- Suits Are Picking Up the Bill (Perennial Favorites)
    13- Evening at Lafitte’s (Perennial Favorites)
    14- The Kraken (Perennial Favorites)
    15- Hot Christmas (Christmas Caravan)
    16- Bent Out of Shape (Bedlam Ballroom)
    17- Don’t Fix It (Bedlam Ballroom)
    18- Just This Side of Blue (Bedlam Ballroom)
    19- The Mooche (Tom Maxwell Samsara)