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  • Stronger is for sure one of the best albums from 2012. Instantly loving all the tracks. Why did I found out of her just now?
  • linda >.<
  • She's gorgeous. [2] She needs to be on The Voice. [2]
  • She's gorgeous.
  • Great voice and style. Love her!
  • Трогательно...
  • she is ridiculously good looking.
  • I can feel 80's ambience whenever I would listen her. Especially Fate Is the Hunter album.
  • Incredibility underrated. [2]
  • oh my god, she's beautiful. we're almost exactly ethnic matches..
  • very nice.
  • oh i thought she was a lot more popular. still love her anyway.
  • love her! she's so pretty, and also a good voice that's very weird to find. Go Kate!!
  • new photo, yeah! :D
  • What a singer...!!! amazing
  • She should so much more popular than she is.
  • she's so.. different i like ALOT
  • interestin voice. nice face too. :)
  • Shes amazing!
  • I love her.
  • finally did for me what it's supposed to! Help discover a good artist. And to discover Kate Earl and learn later she's got Filipino blood! Mabuhay Kate!
  • Only In Dreams is fantastic, just love it...
  • Kate, love your music and a great new album 10/10 for this one..
  • Learning to Fly = <3
  • Love both albums to pieces. So happy someone told me about this amazing artist!
  • Melody ♥ describes me from a to z :D ♥
  • what a great find this was! i love her music.
  • what happened to her music?! so disappointed with the new album... [2]
  • Cry sometimes - wow! this singer is amazing!!
  • (L)
  • The songs jump in my ear and do not leave - quite a feat for a pop artist.
  • what happened to her music?! so disappointed with the new album...
  • Completely, deeply in love with her music.
  • Her voice is so amazing.
  • kate should be way more famous than she is. both of her albums are sooo gooooood
  • Impossible and Learning to Fly <3
  • можно на клык дать...не больше.
  • i'm in love with the new album :D !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nobody (acoustic) is an incredibly amazing song.
  • beautiful g
  • melody is such a wonderful song. i love this album so much--it has so much heart put into it! i first heard melody on on their new discover and uncover channel. you should all check it out. it's a great place to hear new music. just go to keyword 'new'. it's super easy to find and you can listen all you want to new artists just like the amazing kate earl!
  • Axei sensacional essa mulher!
  • ¬¬
  • Muito :D
  • muito bom! :]
  • she is very beautiful
  • * -*
  • new cd is totally different but still amazin'


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