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  • One of their worst songs.
  • we must bury all haters here [5]
  • The only weak song from Last Fair Deal Gone Down.
  • laughably bad
  • we must bury ciaz too!
  • we must bury all haters here [4] \m/
  • the freakiest part of this song is electronic drums. it sounds better live, tho'
  • Sounds like a Virgin Black song, especially the way the chorus is sung. Great song
  • oh this is so good... we must bury all haters here [3] lol
  • we must bury all haters here [2] that noone should find you lol
  • one of the best
  • Funny that there is so much hate. :) One of my favourites!
  • awesome song
  • @HubbyMe2: what brain damage led you to that connection?
  • fucking great song, with great message... we must bury all haters here
  • What are you talking people? This is one of the greatest song of Katatonia.
  • I always thought it was an ironic song, or maybe auto-ironic.
  • Weakest song from Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  • This song is about Osama
  • Extraordinary good and definitely one of my favs!
  • I don't like it so much either. Came here to state that. lol
  • worst katatonia song. Lyrics are too bad =/
  • Don't quite understand the hate either. Sure, it is far from their best one, but it is stil a pretty good and atmospheric song. Simple and quite haunting.
  • I really like Katatonia but this is a bit weird song... specially that chorus, it just doesn't fit :\
  • I like this song. I don't see what's wrong with the lyrics, sounds pretty doomy to me!
  • Terrible song.
  • I fucking love katatonia but hey i agree that this is 'Probably their worst song lyrically'....
  • I can't believe... I've almost forgot this song. O_O Probably because it gets me depressed... But it's perfect. <3
  • Yeah, I think that all of my favorite artists have at least one song that gives me a "what were they thinking here?" reaction. This is that song.
  • oh wow.. awful
  • Whats with the hate? Its a great song, but not their best.
  • Super song ....jeeaaaaa.... (:
  • This song almost broke me...... beautifully.
  • Huh. I listened to this song and I was like… WTF?! Then I listened again and checked the lyrics if I haven't misheard something and still… WTF?!
  • Probably their worst song lyrically. Love the guitar work, though, very atmospheric.
  • Worst Katatonia song ever written. [2] I was hoping I wasn't the only one that just hated the chorus vocals.
  • I really like this song.
  • i like it, though this is really a strange song
  • I wouldn't say filler at all! I think it's brilliant myself.
  • filler tu tia!!
  • i like this one. We must bury you so deep that noone should find you...
  • yeah i agree
  • lol the first part reminds me of foo fighters wtf o.O
  • Yeah it seems to me like a weaker filler track. Shame.
  • brilliant, perfect, incredible, amazing, awesome!
  • I'm listening to the Russian reggae radio, and this song popped up. What? I know Katatonia, and they are not Russian reggae musicians. Not bad music, though. More precise tagging, please.
  • "we didint stop until you where dead"
  • This song is awsome ;D
  • so fucking experimental.. <333
  • great song. I really liked the fan video associated with it, very well done.


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