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  • The world needs Karkwa to come back into its life
  • Long Live Quebec's finest!
  • reminds me a bit of Elbow
  • Patrick watson is super similar with the song "Moi léger"
  • one of their best albums is "Le pensionnat des etablis" , too bad it isnt on the site. i have it on my itunes and i enjoy listening to it , i wish i could upload it on but i dont know how. if anyone knows how to upload songs for the site please comment , i would very much like to share this wonderful music
  • nothing wrong being francophone
  • @franz58 ?
  • these guys are soo good , only if they weren't francophone .. (i know) *sigh*
  • The Canadian Rock League (CRL) is a competition constituted by 2 leagues, the First division and the Second Division. You can vote in your favourite CANADIAN artists/bands and put them in the top! If you love challenges and competition please join us: [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Have fun
  • Hiatus...........
  • Live album out this summer.
  • карква какая-то
  • the shit!
  • Yeah, some of them I understand... but come on, Radio Radio? Misteur Valaire? There isn't one artist that's considered "super similar" that comes from outside the province...
  • v True words
  • Daniel bélanger similar to karkwa ? Yes. Someone who loves one of the two will probably love the other.
  • Agree with Ashlou. Because seriously… Karkwa is similar to Daniel Bélanger? Not so sure…
  • Wish under "similar artists" they wouldn't just say that everything from Québec is super similar...
  • @GigsinParis Ton lien marche pas :(
  • Karkwa playing live in Paris:​=MhTUJx4yPfo
  • Encore un plaisir de les avoir vus en show.
  • I don't speak french, but I still really like this.
  • venez au brésil !
  • Mes amours!!! :) Je l'ai adore.
  • Le spectacle à Sherbrooke était malade. Je suis heureux d'y être allé. Le Solstice joué avec les invités étaient magnifique et le tout était parfait. Karkwa mérite bien des honneurs et devrait être considéré comme étant le groupe québecois du moment.
  • Bon spectacle à Sherbrooke! J'aurais aimé entendre Mélodrame ou Hold-Up, mais ce sera pour une prochaine fois.
  • sorry i dont speak french I wanna see how much hate that gets.
  • man you guys are still going on about that prize.. being a francophone myself i assure you les chemins de verre totally deserved it. it's also a nice incentive for french music; there are so few good francophone artists..
  • They kicked ass last night, now I completely understand why they won the Polaris prize.
  • You guys were awesome in Hamilton! Wish your show was longer :)
  • Excellent show last night! Come back to Waterloo!
  • the cd isnt more expansive than other music. I dont get the argument. They are selling the 4 cds for 45 CAD plus shipping on their website....
  • Très solide en spectacle
  • Bon spectacle hier!
  • Pour les fans de Karkwa, voici un lien vers le myspace d'un band similaire à Karkwa :
  • kultron: the album is only 7.99$ on itunes!
  • The music is awsome, understand the word and you will ...
  • session available for free download from
  • " Le solstice " est votre meilleure de tout vos albums. Merci à Karkwa, merci d'exister ! Vous êtes un gros " refresh " pour le Québec !! J'ai hâte de vous voir le 11 !
  • (♥)
  • Despite all those people who thought the award results were rigged and despite the fact that I think Owen Pallett's Heartland should've won, these guys made a great album and I'm not too upset over the fact that they won. It's a great listen even if it is in french. Some songs remind me of the french canadian grizzly bear. It's nice.
  • <3
  • Bravo les gars, vous le méritez vraiment!!
  • I saw them on Polaris tonight, and I was blown away. I'm an avid t&s fan, but I wanted Karkwa to win... and I had just heard of them tonight!
  • And they win the Polaris Music Prize for 2010.
  • Féliciations, Karkwa!
  • America sends its love.
  • normal, le percussionniste est une machine!
  • très bonnes percussions :)
  • you're great :)


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