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I Kamelot sono un gruppo musicale Power Metal Statunitense, con influenze Progressive e Symphonic Metal, fondato nel 1991 a Tampa, in Florida, da Thomas Youngblood e Richard Warner. Tre membri della band sono Statunitensi, mentre il cantante è Svedese e il tastierista, l'ultimo entrato nel gruppo, è Tedesco.

Nel 1994 la band firmò un contratto con Noise Records, e nel 1995 uscì il loro album di debutto Eternity. Il secondo album, Dominion seguì due anni dopo.

Il 1997 vide l'uscita… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Avatar di MirianKelly
    Amo ❤
  • Avatar di SkaldandShadows
    I'm waiting for concert in Poland. Maybe this year guys?
  • Avatar di faelicks
    So, Joost van den Broek is J.J. Abrams?
  • Avatar di nDroae
    Well, it was pretty bad comedy when Serenade of Self-Destruction, a tribute to a friend who committed suicide, went out on CDs with no vocals. I assume that was someone else's job, but the fan backlash against the overall production of Requiem for the Indifferent qualifies it to be his Phantom Menace.
  • Avatar di faelicks
    v Haven't noticed him losing track of the right amount of comic relief on the recent albums he produced :-D ... Guys, what happened to the Revolution music video? Last year they were teasing it, but now there already seems to be one for My Therapy in the making.
  • Avatar di nDroae
    Sascha Paeth is the George Lucas of metal producers
  • Avatar di shodan21
    i see what you did there... and i approve.
  • Avatar di happy_fun
  • Avatar di happy_fun
    so what you're saying is he called out kamelot on being gay, but in the end, it didn't even matter?
  • Avatar di InSearchOfTruth
    vvv makes a complaint about cheesy & gay band / top band - Linkin Park. xD

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