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Kokia é una delle cantanti contemporanee più apprezzate in Giappone. Il suo stile é un pop misto all'enka (musica tradizionale giapponese). E' più famosa all'estero che in Giappone, soprattutto in Taiwan, Hong Kong e in Francia, dove fa uscire regolarmente i suoi dischi e tiene vari concerti ogni anno.

Fin da piccola la sua grande passione é stata la musica, invece di giocare come tutti i bambini della sua età, il suo passatempo é stato suonare il violino e il… ulteriori informazioni

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  • kokia <3
  • omg I totally missed the new album!!
  • lieblingsmensch <3
  • Her current picture still remained the best picture ever, despite of it being small and round now.
  • No one wished you a happy birthday?! O.O I'm so sorry I'm late! Happy belated Birthday, KOKIA! I hope you had a nice day! ^^ <3
  • I Found You is the best album of hers I've heard in a while. There's a sense of maturity that I love about it, along with an unwavering optimism that doesn't come off as insincere or saccharine-sweet. Even some of the more simple ballads and love songs that appear are wrapped in ethereal beauty, not to mention some of the more folk-tinged pieces that can work well with early 70s western folk/folk rock. Simply put, it's made me fall in love with KOKIA all over again, and I've been a fan of hers for 8 years.
  • Jazzy songs from Kokia anyone?
  • Btw, if you don't know it yet, your source for latest KOKIA's news: And a place to chat and share your thoughts: We also have twitter accounts!
  • It has the deep voice I was missing in her albums... There's variety, and different voice layers all along the album, I think that's its most distinct attribute... Two voices, I found YOU, YOU were found by ME, these two parts of the love equation are constantly present in the songs thanks to those different voice layerse, reminder the llistener that this is a story of more than one (◡‿◡✿)
  • ✿I Found You✿ is her best album since "Balance"! ★★★LOVE LOVE LOVE★★★ the tracks Recover, Solace, Ogyaa to umarete (#5), I found the love & Muryoku to shitta hi(#11)!!!! Thanks to for her invaluable help with the romaji titles of KOKIA's songs! (^▽^)

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