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  • Avatar di TNVWBOY
    Definitely can tell this album came right after the MDFMK stint.
  • Avatar di DrFloccin
    you mean the guitars? who needs 'em anyways.
  • Avatar di ruinedtwo
    Sounds like Orgy...and that's not a good thing.
  • Avatar di kasialot84
    Skold !!!!!!!
  • Avatar di Stinger_XIII
    Great song!
  • Avatar di Alejandro240492
    Muy singular para ser de KMFDM.
  • Avatar di La_Cataline
    underrated. but fuckin awesome.
  • Avatar di O-diosa
    i love this song and this album!!!^^
  • Avatar di ranciddogfart
    nice =)
  • Avatar di PoshAttitude
    I can't put into words how awesome is this song!<3


If you don't know, if you have found what you are lookin' for
The silver-lining always starts to fade
And what you don't know is that you don't know the truth anymore
Now you try sleeping in the bed you have made

Testo di KMFDM - Save Me


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