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Justin Timberlake

Take It from Here (6:14)

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  • i can play this over and over [2]
  • The time is nooow! @fagnerfeitoza #twitter
  • nice
  • oh if I could put this on repeat.... I sooo would.... Justin, come back!!!
  • Forever & Always A ♥! :) Chill & Relaxing
  • LOVE IT....
  • Smooth and sweet.
  • this was the tune I had on repeat every time I got in bath from ages 8-12, absolutely amazing song
  • Nice and smooth. I love this.
  • Sublime, Justin. Te ganaste mi respeto.
  • nice
  • i'm with jsimms100: i love the neptunes production. this was the jam that i blasted on repeat when i copped the cd way back in november 2002
  • Love the Neptunes Production.
  • wow...i used to jam the hell out of this cd. Damn, I haven't listened to this song in years!!! I forgot how good it is! [4]
  • <3
  • Damn, I haven't listened to this song in years!!! I forgot how good it is! [3]
  • Damn, I haven't listened to this song in years!!! I forgot how good it is! [2]
  • my favorite white boy in the game
  • nice
  • imma take it from here <3
  • He has definitely come a long way since the days he rode my school bus ..way to go Justin!
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  • i love this song so much. so good.
  • This is the Justin I used to like....
  • This is the song that sealed the deal for me. <3
  • stunning. <3 justin, love! :P
  • Some times Some times the world gets hard I’ll take it from here, girl Don’t you worry I wanna be a lake for you, babe And any problems that you have I wanna wash ‘em away I wanna be your sky, so blue and high And every time you think of me I wanna blow your mind I wanna be your air, so sweet and fair So when you feel that you can’t breathe, ma, I’ll be there I wanna be your answer of time When you see how I put your life before mine with no question When all the love feels gone and you can’t carry on Don’t worry, girl, I’mma take it from here Just as sure as the sun will shine every mornin’, every time Don’t worry, girl, I’mma take it from here I wanna hold your hands, review all your plans I wanna make sure every one of your dreams’ll stand I wanna be your Broadway show on review (Why) So I could act how God was when he made you I wanna be your lighthouse when you get lost I’ll light a bright and shiny path to help you across (Light the way for you, baby) I wanna be your mother, see
  • damn that breakdown is so smooth. i fall in love with this song everytime i hear it <3
  • What a relaxing and soothing song. Brilliant....................Very Romantic. How I wish I was her Sky, so Blue & High.
  • Definitely one of his best songs.
  • ohoho love
  • loveeee the beat
  • Justin's best song
  • charming... <3<3
  • sooo nice <3333
  • Perfect
  • love him
  • so hoooot ‹3
  • this is my fav song off of this album i think every girl wants to hear her guy say this to her
  • My favorite track from justified <3
  • This song is CLASSIC.
  • this song has so much meaning for what I want to be in a relationship
  • This song is so romantic...GEEZ I love Justin lol <3
  • damn !! just DAYUM
  • love this maaaannnnnn ((*-*))
  • soooooo sexy...


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